Sensory elegance: Conceptual fashion from Sona Hakobyan

Jun 9 2018 Article

Sensory, free, elegant and conceptual… These are some of the many other words that can describe the Sončess collection of a fashion designer Sona Hakobyan. In translation from Latin, the word “conceptual” means reproducing the meaning or the system of views. Speaking of conceptual clothing, we are talking about that one, which is not only a collection of actual trends and handicraft skills but also carries some philosophy and ideas. Discovery of the meaning can be achieved through forms, proportions, combinations of materials, decor etc. Asymmetrical dresses with notes of deconstructivism have a unique place in Sončess collections. Geometric forms, contrasts of colors and figures create the exclusive look of it.


One of the bright representatives of conceptual fashion is Sona Hakobyan. She is not afraid of experiments and adding unusual at first sight items such as a memorable detail, a handmade wooden, metal and leather elements, or even a non-standard cut-out sleeve. Beautiful bags of Sončess collection are meant to be some kind of a specific piece of art. They are decorated with Lego bricks and puzzles like the ones children use to play with. The good thing about Sončess bags is that they are both stylish and functional.

Accessories always play a unique role in every woman’s look and make it original. A special attention should be given to the Sončess accessories. Designer likes to experiment with textures and shapes offering outstanding jewelry collection. You won’t stand to have an incredible ring or a bracelet that seems perfect and original. “Put your money into accessories and you can create a million different looks”.

Bold combinations, amazing prints, colors and fashionable shapes make it possible to dilute the daily outfits with fresh motifs. Express your individuality – choose your look from Sončess collection.
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