Meet the designer: Sona Hakobyan

Jun 5 2018 Archives, Video

Meet Sona, Sona Hakobyan, Sončess – the sun, the air, the nature, the color and the tint, simplicity with its all complications. She is one of the most famous designers in the emerging Fashion industry in Armenia.


Since 2008 Sona is working to create a unique collection of ready-made clothes with a particular focus on casual and luxury casual styles, inspired by free spirit and aspiration to be different. And now she has got her own atelier boutique. By mixing the items that seem to be non-combinable – materials, fabric, components and colors, she fully enjoys the creation of clothing that will make every woman feel special.

Simple and natural materials have their great role in her collections while bold and colorful details paved the road towards the expression of the Sončess brand’s originality. She is creating outfits that can become exclusive evening dresses being combined with the amazing handmade accessories.

Visit Sončess atelier and by joining the world of it become part of nature, freedom and eternity. Sončess collections are presented at Cocos Island showroom located in Yerevan.

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