Philosophy of Sončess bags

Jun 6 2018 Collection

Sončess brand’s unique bags and accessories are made to follow the philosophy of making people ask: “Where did you get that bag?”. Creating every new model of a bag, designer Sona Hakobyan is trying to reach perfection, to create an ideal stuff, thus, every detail is taken care of.  Take a look at some basic concepts of Sončess collection:

Nostalgic fashion games with Sončess lego and puzzle bags

Do you remember legos and puzzles as the interesting part of our childhood? Imagine that they still exist in your life, but now as bags and accessories that you could use in your daily life. Sončess gives you the opportunity to have some kind of a memory in your closet and look different in the crowd.  These bags can match greatly with cute evening dresses, but with the casual style, they will look stunning too.


Urban spirit of bags with modern hardware design

Metallic details and graphics transform Sončess bags into a celebration of the urban spirit. The metalwork on bags makes them eye-catching and right for almost anything to pair with. Each item is kind of a piece of wearable art.


Perfect bags nurtured by nature

The perfect fusion of fashion with nature makes us think about how similar they really are. Sona Hakobyan is basically using sustainable materials while making these nature-inspired pieces, as it ensures the bags won’t contribute to a further fashion waste.
A handbag from Sončess is like a fantasy, something that expresses the expectations of a modern woman and gives the opportunity to expand the boundaries of the reality and even look to the future.

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