Cocos Island from Sona Hakobyan

Jun 10 2018 News, Shop
On June 1st was opened the COCOS ISLAND fashion shop which is located at the address Saryan 8, above Voskevaz restaurant. The idea of creation Cocos Island conceptual fashion belongs to Sona Hakobyan, who represents her own brand SONCESS. The ...
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Sensory elegance: Conceptual fashion from Sona Hakobyan

Jun 9 2018 Article
Sensory, free, elegant and conceptual… These are some of the many other words that can describe the Sončess collection of a fashion designer Sona Hakobyan. In translation from Latin, the word “conceptual” means reproducing the meaning or the system of views. Speaking ...
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Tbilisi Fashion Week 2017

Jun 9 2018 Collection, Event
On October 27-30 another great event dedicated to the fashion world was held – Tbilisi Fashion Week 2017! During the fashion show, the collections from over 20 Georgian and foreign designers were showing. The Fashion Week has become a great ...
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Philosophy of Sončess bags

Jun 6 2018 Collection
Sončess brand’s unique bags and accessories are made to follow the philosophy of making people ask: “Where did you get that bag?”. Creating every new model of a bag, designer Sona Hakobyan is trying to reach perfection, to create an ideal stuff, thus, ...
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Sona Hakobyan on EU day

Sona Hakobyan’ s exceptional clothing for Europe Day in Armenia

Jun 6 2018 Event, News
The Europe Day activities started with a fashion exhibition organized by the Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia. 16 young and talented Armenian designers, members of the Chamber joined Europe Day celebrations. Europe Day launch was announced by the exhibition of their clothing ...
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Exclusive from Kiev! Sončess collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days

Jun 5 2018 Collection, Event
From August 30th to September 3rd, Kiev hosted Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and its Spring-Summer 2018 season. It was a five-day fashion marathon that set the start of a series of shows all over the world. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ...
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Meet the designer: Sona Hakobyan

Jun 5 2018 Archives, Video
Meet Sona, Sona Hakobyan, Sončess – the sun, the air, the nature, the color and the tint, simplicity with its all complications. She is one of the most famous designers in the emerging Fashion industry in Armenia.   Since 2008 ...
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